drone leak detection


AM 24 discovered a need and a solution in the Natural Gas industry. Existing methane monitoring devices have limited ability to cost-effectively, consistently, and precisely locate leaks and quantify the rate of methane emissions.


Our unique solution is our Drone Methane Detection System (DMDS), which transcends methane mitigation programs, and leads to a reduction in overall methane emissions and more efficient extraction and delivery. AM24 has developed a new way to use Methane Gas Sensors on drones to minimize workforce hours for manual detection.

Our offer is a turnkey solution that includes:
  • 8 propeller chassis (octocopter)
  • Ambient air-monitoring sensor
  • Mounted camera
  • Manual or Autonomous Flight Option
  • Camera First Person View
  • Methane Gas Sensor
  • Software flight scheduling
  • Geo-fencing
  • Graphical view of the data and immediate pinpoint leak location
  • Analytics Display shown as graph, data records, and mapped onto the actual terrain with geo-coordinates
Drone Setup


  • Cost Savings by detecting highly sensitive methane measurements at a fraction of the cost of your current system/programs
  • Flexible scheduling for drones and pilots
  • Immediate feedback and identification
  • Training program: We use a Small Practice Drone provided to allow pilots training on the system before engaging with the fully-loaded methane detection drone.

Next Steps...

Call us to discuss how a drone applications will help you reduce risk with early detection, improve operational efficiencies and cut cost at the same time!